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It's time to learn what your unique body needs ...

Give yourself the gift of working with an experienced clinical dietician and mindset mentor who will take into account your lifestyle, medical history, likes, and dislikes and create an individual approach that's right for you and that will get you to your goals!


Feeling like food cravings are controlling you
Relying on fads, fiction and Google for your health advice
The after-meal discomfort
Promising yourself to eat less, fast or restrict tomorrow
Ignoring the messages your body is giving you


Learning to trust yourself and your body with food
Listening to your body
Having better energy and mood
Eating in a balanced way without guilt or shame
Feeling good in your body

Let's get back to basics

First, we'll take time to understand your body and the challenges you face.

Then we'll build the foundation of your new lifestyle including nutrition, stress management, movement, sleep, and mindset.

You'll be supported every step of the way to confidently work towards achieving your goals in a sustainable way.


Unlearn messages that value body weight above health and well-being and the messages that cause you to fear food, obsess over the number on the scale, and over calories, points, macros, and feel guilt over all your food choices.


Challenge old habits that are keeping you stuck and are stopping you from reaching your desired goals.


Give yourself unconditional permission to eat and enjoy food without fear, to care for yourself, and put your needs first. Explore new ways of nourishing your body with an open mind.

Make choices

Make choices about food and activity from a place of understanding and self-care; not control.

4.9 Star Average Rating
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What clients are saying

"Justine's approach is so unique. She really gets my struggle with food and I finally feel heard and that I am on the right track.Before I started the program my energy levels were very low and I was so confused about what to eat.I had tried keto and IF but I felt anxious and I never managed to lose any real weight. Now I am understanding what foods to choose and how to eat in a way that gives me better energy.I am sleeping better and I am less irritable and my brain fog has reduced.And the best part is that I never feel deprived!!!" S.G.

I feel so much more positive about my body and food relationship now.

I recommend this program for anyone who wants to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle by working on their mindset and emotions around food.

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