Unlock The Magic Wellness Switch: Master The Vagus Nerve for Better Health

The Magic Wellness Switch
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The magic wellness switch cover image.
The magic wellness switch cover image.

The Magic Wellness Switch

Includes the 90-minute recorded masterclass on "The Magic Wellness Switch" aka The Vagus Nerve- presented by Justine Friedman


Includes Vagus Nerve stimulating exercises that are quick and can be done in your busy day - anywhere & at anytime
Includes a section on meal ideas, foods that enhance the functioning of your Vagus Nerve, and supplements that can help you to support your body and reduce stress.
Includes habit trackers and a journal section
Includes the "3 B's Tool" my clients use to help them to reduce stress, boost energy, improve mood & more.
BONUS: Comprehensive workbook that you can download and work through to build quick and easy-to-implement Vagus Nerve stimulating exercises into your day, that will help you to feel more energized, sleep better, reduce anxiety, enhance metabolism and manage your weight over 40
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Stress is a normal part of life, it's unavoidable and it's not going away anytime soon.

This does not mean that you are powerless against its effects RATHER it’s how you react to it that counts the most when it comes to your wellbeing

It's time to TAKE CHARGE and support your body with practical & simple-to-implement tools

Learn how to flip the switch that will help you to THRIVE!

This fascinating and powerful masterclass teaches you how stress affects your body as a woman over 40.

It includes simple-to-implement tools that will help to energize you, lower your anxiety, and enhance the overall quality of your life!

You'll get all the information you need to understand how The Vagus Nerve (aka The Magic Wellness Switch) is activated and why it is the key to reducing stress and anxiety, balancing your hormones, improving digestion, aiding metabolism, & more.

In 90 minutes you'll discover

How to reduce your stress in just 5 minutes a day, with simple exercises you can do anywhere, at any time!
How stress affects your body, weight, appetite, digestion, sleep and hormone levels
What The Vagus Nerve is and why it is essential for your wellbeing
10 Simple-to-implement exercises that you can include daily to innervate (activate) The Vagus Nerve
What foods to eat to support the functioning of The Vagus Nerve

You will come away with

The "3 B's" Tool my clients use to help them to reduce stress, boost energy, improve mood & more.
A workbook that covers all the key concepts and exercises, including a section for you to keep track of your progress
Meal ideas for enhanced health that benefit The Vagus Nerve

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What clients are saying

I got so much out of the masterclass. I feel more confident about which foods will better support my body. I can't wait to try include more of them

I never knew that my anxiety & stress could affect my metabolism. I've been trying to lose weight and eating less and it hasn't worked, in fact, I've been gaining weight! I was shocked that eating too little can make me more stressed and actually cause weight gain!

Thank you for the most interesting and practical class. It was super informative and I came away with practical tools I can easily implement. I really didn't realise how stress affects so many areas of my life!

I used your breathing exercise right away and it helped keep me calm when my kids were fighting.

I'm sleeping better, and I wake up more refreshed each day.

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