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“I will create a comprehensive plan that aligns with your specific needs and goals. This plan will incorporate evidence-based nutrition strategies, practical tips, and guidance on mindful eating. I don't believe in deprivation or restrictive diets. Instead, I place an emphasis on building sustainable lifestyle habits that support your body and nurture a positive relationship with food.”
- Justine

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Book free 15m clarity call

Individual evaluation

Lifestyle plan initiation


Book a free 15m clarity call

Spend 15 minutes chatting about the areas you need support in. I will give you some tips that will help you take the next step and you will have clarity on whether working with me is a good fit for you.

Individual evaluation

The primary focus during this consultation is for me to gather all the relevant information unique to you. In this first hour together we will discuss your concerns and goals for working with me.

It is important for me to understand your medical history, explore your current lifestyle and assess your dietary patterns.

Sometimes, I may request blood tests to get a good baseline and see if supplementation could offer you an easy win, if there are any glaring deficiencies.

I believe in the importance of a holistic approach, taking into account not just the physical aspect but also the emotional and psychological factors that contribute to your overall well-being.

By understanding your individual needs and goals, I can create a tailor-made plan that works specifically for you.

Lifestyle plan initiation

In this consultation, I will begin to take you through the first steps of your lifestyle plan.

You will learn what the foundational elements are that will start you on your journey to well-being.

At the end of the consultation, you will decide which area you will begin to work on. It is important that you choose something that will bring you a quick win.


We then book a series of follow-ups spaced either weekly or bimonthly (every 2 weeks) lasting 30 minutes each.

At each future session you will receive the knowledge and tools you need to make balanced, nourishing, and informed choices. You will be empowered to take control of your health, and you will feel supported every step of the way.

Each time we meet you will learn how to continue to implement the lifestyle plan and build on each step. We will discuss different concepts and you will receive the practical tools at each stage to create sustainable change e.g. understanding the changes happening in your body, what foods will naturally support your body, and strategies for reducing & dealing with cravings.

Between each follow-up session, you will try out all of the steps and provide feedback. The purpose of each session is to build your unique lifestyle and we work together to establish what the most effective foods, mindset and habits are that will get you to your desired goal.

This allows you to feel confident in your food choices and abilities to navigate social situations and difficult times so that you are always able to nourish your body.
Regardless of what you choose to eat, the important work is in giving yourself the freedom to enjoy food and meals without fear of restriction or overeating.
In this way, you build habits that create a peaceful relationship with food and your body. It leads to an appreciation of yourself and acceptance of your body.

I believe that sustainable results are achieved through a balanced approach that nourishes both the body and the mind.
My aim is to help you create a positive and lasting impact on your health, one step at a time.


Individualized support - along with accessibility in between consultations to have your questions answered
Working with an experienced clinical dietician and mindset mentor
Excellent success rate (for clients who put in the effort and follow the steps!)
Not another diet
Focused on healing your relationship with food and body
Break dieting cycle
Awareness of thoughts and patterns
Learn to tune into your body and make choices in line with what is best for you
Understand how your body works and what foods nourish it best
Sustainable approach you can do anywhere anytime - no need to wait for the perfect time to start
Still enjoy eating out, birthdays, functions and holidays without feeling like you’ve “fallen off the wagon”


Structured according to your individual needs. Charged per consultation, before each consultation.
Includes packages tailored to offer you the best support.


Client specific

4.9 Star Average Rating
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What clients are saying

I was referred to consult with Justine Friedman as a clinical dietitian to assist me with a stomach problem that I had been experiencing for years. I was never able to identify what foods were affecting me and I was living with a constantly overactive bowel and diarrhea. On my own I had identified a few safe foods but I really felt that my quality of life was badly affected. After our first appointment Justine drew up a meal plan for me according to a low FODMAP way of eating. She also took my likes and dislikes into account and educated me on why she had suggested both including and excluding certain foods. There were some foods that I was hesitant to eat and from following Justine's guidelines I was surprised to see that they worked well for me. She also encouraged me to use a probiotic and this was a game changer. I have been following this new lifestyle approach for almost 5 months and I can finally eat without worry that what I eat is going to affect me badly. Through our follow up appointments Justine has helped me to recognise patterns in foods that are better for me and those that trigger me. I would highly recommend Justine as a dietician for anyone who needs assistance with their gastric health.

I have better energy, my digestion is way better and I am sleeping much better at night

I used to fight with myself not to eat, now I go to bed feeling nourished I felt like I was walking a tight rope with food and I was scared to eat anything different. Now I am having a variety of foods and I feel like I can trust myself I never used to eat dinner with my family. I felt that I couldn’t trust myself with food so I didn't want to be around it. Now with the balanced plate in my mind I am confident to make food choices and sit down with my family. It’s such a relief.

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