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Hi, I'm Justine.

Since 2000, I’ve been working with clients who want to overcome the burden of dieting, hormones, gut health issues and poor eating habits. I've experienced my own weight challenges as well as struggles with emotional eating, and after turning 40 had to change my approach to eating to better support my body.

I get how hard it can be to feel like you are fighting against yourself. I hear how tired you are of self-sabotaging and how out of control and confused you feel when it comes to food.

My mission is to empower you to understand your body so that you can work WITH it and NOT against it.

BSc. (WITS)  
BSc. (Med)(Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics UCT
SA qualified and Israeli licensed Clinical Dietician In private practice since 2000
Photo of Justine Friedman, Registered Clinical Dietician and Mindset Mentor
BSc. (WITS)  
BSc. (Med)(Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics UCT
SA qualified and Israeli licensed Clinical Dietician In private practice since 2000

How I work

I help you to understand your unique body so you can best nourish yourself, according to the latest research and science. I give you the tools you need in order to improve your energy, health levels, blood values, mood and sleep and to manage your sugar cravings, emotional eating and weight, without deprivation or restriction.

Love. Not tough love.

Shame, judgment, and all-or-nothing (binary) thinking never helped anyone. I'm here to be your advocate, your partner, your cheerleader. I promise to give you strategies for mind, body and spirit that work in real life and get you back to living the beautiful life you deserve.

Mindset is the missing link

I’m a knowledge junkie and keep up to date on the latest scientific research but I also know that it takes more than knowledge to change behavior. It takes awareness of our emotions, the ability to tune into the constant toxic running commentary in our minds about food and weight so we know what narratives drive us. Learn the POWER of PAUSE.

Sitting with feelings, awareness of thoughts and actively choosing a new neural pathway to embrace a whole new way of being.

Guess what, diets don't work, if they did you wouldn't be reading this

Diets leave us feeling deprived, hangry, and unsatisfied. Instead of building a new diet plan, you can build walls that keep out diet culture and its toxic messaging. You CAN let go of diet culture, and you CAN learn to embrace intuitive eating! No more dieting, learn to eat food you enjoy in a balanced way.

No more worrying about the scale, no more fighting with yourself about food.

You are more than what you weigh. You are more than what you eat.

Self care. Not self control

Restriction, scarcity and pain have been your constant companions and their presence in your life has been normalized by media messages about what it means to be a woman. For far too long you’ve let what takes up space on your plate take up too much room in your brain…… You don’t need to hear that there is anything wrong with your body… but you do need a solution.

Respect. Don't reject

Stop rejecting your body. Stop disconnecting from your experience. Tune into your mind, body, and spirit. Reconnect to understand what your symptoms, cravings, and triggers are telling you. Learn which foods feel good in your body and which your body prefers you to avoid. Discover the power of self-compassion and forgiveness.

Now ask, how can I best nourish my body, today?

We’ll start where you are. No more “my diet starts tomorrow”. Every day, every moment is an opportunity for awareness, for listening to our bodies, for tuning in and choosing compassion. There’s no on the wagon or off the wagon. It’s about progress, not perfection, and learning to trust yourself to nourish your body.

4.9 Star Average Rating
Photo of Justine Friedman wearing a black shirt and smiling.

What clients are saying

Justine is a wealth of information, has a very healthy and sustainable methodology, attitude and outlook about food, and the relationship we have to food.

I wanted to give an unsolicited shout out to Justine Friedman as a top professional. I am a 63 year old woman, mother and grandmother, athlete and professional photographer. I live a very healthy lifestyle, yet found menopause years to be challenging. I turned to Justine, and with her kind, compassionate, and thorough help/program i have made some changes in my eating that have really helped me out. I highly recommend Justine if you are struggling with similar issues and/or general nutritional issues. She is extremely knowlegeable, she cares, and she works hand in hand with you. Rebecca Kowalsky.

My 15 year old daughter came to see Justine as she was struggling with her body image and balancing healthy eating. Justine was the perfect balance of warmth, understanding and professionalism. With exceptional nutrition knowledge, Justine was able to guide my daughter in a supportive and empowering manner. My daughter now understands what constitutes a healthy body and knows how to eat well, balanced, tasty and nutritious food. Justine has literally freed my daughter from disordered thoughts around body and food and for that we are beyond grateful.

Transform your health today

Helping you to leave dieting and weight struggles behind, understand your body and nourish yourself with confidence

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3 Things Every Woman Needs To Know Before Turning 40

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