Boost Your Metabolism & Mood Masterclass for Women Over 40

Boost Your Metabolism and Mood
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Boost Your Metabolism & Mood

Includes the 90-minute recorded masterclass on how to Boost your Metabolism and Mood in Midlife


Includes the 90-minute recorded masterclass presented by Justine on how to Boost your Metabolism and Mood in Midlife
BONUS: Comprehensive workbook that you can work through to build habits that enhance metabolism and mood (includes a journal section)
BONUS: Meal ideas and over 40 simple recipes that you can introduce with ease to give you better energy, reduce cravings, improve your mood and support your body in midlife

Ladies, are you ready to beat sugar cravings, and have more control over what you eat?

In this masterclass, I'll show you practical step-by-step eating tips to help you gain control, boost your energy and metabolism, shed weight & stabilize your mood! Purchase the 90-minute recorded masterclass plus all the source material so that you can feel confident about what to eat!

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You've been feeling the the changes in your body for a while now... and you're not sure what to eat.

The way you see yourself affects your mood and relationships, and you're exhausted.

You're frustrated with diets, counting calories and feeling deprived and still there is no change to your weight...

You know you need to make a shift and you're willing to try a different approach.

Learn to work with your body NOT against it!

Over the age of 40 it is normal to experience changes to metabolism which can lead to weight gain.

This does not mean that you are powerless to prevent or reverse midlife spread.

It's time to ditch the fads and prescriptive weight loss programs, and understand the subtle workings of your body.

In the 90-minute recorded Masterclass you'll learn

How metabolism changes as you age and what you can naturally do to boost it.
How hormones impact this process and what foods you can eat to support and balance them best.
How to choose foods that can reduce feelings of irritability and anxiety and achieve a more balanced mood.
The role of the gut microbiome in metabolism, mood, and weight management.

You will come away with

Meal ideas that are easy to implement
Simple recipes to create balanced and delicious food choices
Comprehensive workbook with resource material
Work through at your own pace to build habits that enhance metabolism and mood
Use the journal section to be more mindful and to pay attention to how different foods affect you

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What clients are saying

Justine over-delivered! The webinar was super informative and I came away with practical tools I can implement.I also had a 1:1 call with her the next day and she quickly identified problem areas and refined what I eat in a day to give me better energy and mood.Turns out I'm not eating enough!

I made the carrot cake recipe, it was nutty and delicious. The best part is that I know I am nourishing my body when I eat it.

I got so much out of the masterclass. I feel more confident about which foods will better support my body. I can't wait to try the easy recipe ideas

I never realised that trying to lose weight is not only about calories in and calories out. I was shocked that eating too little can actually cause weight gain!

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