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Aren't you curious to know the difference between a diet and a holistic approach?

Overwhelmed with dieting? Consider this…

Why do we as women choose to diet? Why has this become the answer when we DON’T LIKE HOW WE LOOK, DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE IN OUR BODIES, FEEL FAT, think we will be HAPPIER AT A LOWER WEIGHT or want to FEEL IN CONTROL OF OUR EATING?

Let’s get real.. has dieting and restricting your food intake ever REALLY helped you to achieve all of this and prevent you from having the thoughts or feelings again of body dissatisfaction, discomfort, lack of control and unhappiness?

Has dieting created for you a safe space to love you body, always have good energy, always be in a good mood and eat without fear of weight gain?

I guess the majority of you, if you are really honest with yourselves, are admitting that this is not the case, and here is why….